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A combination of jams by Rocket Ship (Worcester, MA) and Southpier (Providence, RI)


released July 16, 2015

Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering by Ian van Opijnen at the Echo Room
Drums recorded by Jay Deluca at the Bear's Den
Album artwork by Elias Christo

Southpier /// Rocket Ship



all rights reserved


Southpier Providence, Rhode Island

Ocean State
Pop Punk

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Track Name: Rocket Ship - Nocturia
there is light outside my window
but i havent fallen asleep yet
getting mad at everyone i love,
feeling low, the times are tough,
i didnt sleep a wink last night
but none the less its time to wake up
Track Name: Rocket Ship - Meant For More
im sick of staying cemented
to all this resentment
that ive harbored for so long

say this year will be a new start
give it a day before my days start falling apart
and i fall back in it now
and i cant get out

how many months have i been trapped
under the ice inside my head?
its freezing over the roads that lead me back to my home
(i was meant for more)
i was meant for more
than this basement floor

i am these broken stories i heard as a kid
i have a dark black rain cloud over my head
i try to make you happy
youre uninterested
silence and solitude are all that i have left

ill try my best to keep my thoughts to myself
so you wont know what haunts me day in and day out
youre nearly always on my mind
and you know i try
to forget all the bullshit thats holding me back
but its not so easy

push me away or pull me apart
ill never forget the day
you tore out my heart
but do it again
do it one more time
for the middle of the cycle when i think youre mine
Track Name: Rocket Ship - What's Eating Gilbert?
When i take into account everything ive seen
you dont want to be alone you just
dont want to be with me
you keep crawling back to the same mistake
that didnt work out from the beginning

they say time heals all wounds
so where did the time go?

what about what i said to you on
that late autumn day?
it was a hopeful dream of mine
but it felt real for a while to me
(to me)

and its true that me and you are both better off
on separate paths completely uninvolved
but that doesnt stop the constant wonder of;
"what if you gave us a chance?"

what about what i said to you on
that late autumn day?
it was a hopeful dream of mine
but it felt so real to me
you buried me under all the words
i thought youd never say
and i will stay underground and you
can dig me up in may

i never wanted to leave things this way
our best memories are fading to grey

things are so different now
and we cant go back
Track Name: Southpier - Hope
I'd been left out to dry
When everything was going wrong
And no one was around
But you taught me to try
You pulled me up from where I was,
Buried under all the words I couldn't find

I know that hope is greater
When I'm by your side
So please, just believe I'll stay here
We'll learn how to fly

You believed in me
You made me feel like I could fly
Consistency is all that I needed
And now I can proudly say I'm fine
I've been waiting for something like this
To loosen the stress that's on my mind,
To help me piece together
All the words I couldn't find

I know your hope can save me
These are the words I couldn't find

I know that hope is greater
With you by my side
So please, just tell me you'll stay here
Teach me how to fly
Track Name: Southpier - Keep This In Mind
It'll never be enough
To say you're sorry
After all that you have done
Cause you ruined our trust
So I'll live without you
And the mess that you've become

And as I look back
On all this time I've wasted
I've learned enough and
I won't continue chasing
So I'm letting it go, (but although, I've gotta go)
Cause I know that I was made for so much more
I'm moving on (forget my love, but since you're gone,)
Cause I was wrong to ever trust your words
(Keep this in mind)